Our fully trained technicians will inspect your property to determine the species of pest and level of infestation we are dealing with. We offer a very quick and effective inspection.


Using our experience, we will choose the best treatment method. We have specialist advanced equipment to help fight pests.


Monitoring is very important in the fight against unwanted pests. We will check the attacked places several times to make sure that the problems have been completely resolved.


Schedule a complimentary aftercare inspection of your residential or commercial premises, to make sure, we effectively got rid of your pests once and for all.


When you contact us, our expert customer service representatives will answer all your questions, and provide a free instant estimate! Our accredited pest control technician will arrive at your convenient time, and carry out the treatment in a safe and professional manner. In some cases we will need to schedule additional visits to repeat the treatment. We will never leave your job, until we are 100% sure that your pest has been fully eradicated. 


  • All Work Fully Guaranteed
  • Unlimited Number of Treatments
  • Accredited Technicians
  • Prevention & Control Measures
  • Free Advice & Instant Quotation
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  • 24 Hour Service

Pigeon Pest, Pest Control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. Call Now 020 8166 9746
Pigeon Pest, Pest Control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. Call Now 020 8166 9746

Pigeon Pest, Pest Control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. Call Now 020 8166 9746

Pigeon Pest Control in Moorgate

We are specialist providers of commercial and domestic pest control, with experience in everything from the extermination of bed bugs to pigeon pest control. Wherever you are in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2, pigeons can quickly become a nuisance. If you are suffering from issues with pigeons, our team are able to provide pigeon control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2 and the surrounding areas.

Give us a call today for a free, instant quote over the phone!

Problems associated with pigeons

Pigeons are a common problem in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2, causing damage to many buildings and historic monuments, which often mounts up to millions of pounds. These birds have a habit of congregating in one place, causing a nuisance to people with their noise, droppings and constant pestering for food. If you have a pigeon problem at your property it is likely to affect your quality of life, with pigeons at commercial premises often leading to a reduction in profits, as customers avoid the area.

Once they nest they are capable of hatching up to nine broods a year, usually laying two eggs at a time. The pigeons can breed throughout the year, so the problem can quickly escalate. The feral pigeon is now one of the most resourceful species on the planet and can survive almost anywhere in the world, especially Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2.

The feral pigeons are classed as vermin, which are known to pass diseases such as salmonella and histoplasmosis to humans if pigeons are not managed professionally. Their feathers are commonly home to biting insects such as mites, which can be responsible for respiratory problems and intestinal infections.

Professional pigeon pest control

With many years providing pigeon pest control across the area, we have developed tried and tested techniques to deter pigeons. Pigeons will only nest where there is a food source; unfortunately, in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2 there is food waste almost everywhere, so removing the food which attracts the birds is near impossible.

We have found that a combination of techniques is required to bring the problem under control, with different methods needed for different situations. We specialise in prevention rather than eradication and will pigeon proof a building in the most humane way possible, to ensure they cannot nest, roost or perch.

Methods of pigeon control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2

As soon as our experienced bird controllers arrive on site we will carry out a survey of the property. This will check the severity of your problem so that we can determine the best course of action. Feral pigeons tend to nest almost exclusively in buildings, especially the tall tower blocks and office blocks of Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. We will look for evidence of nests, which are usually made from grass, twigs and any rubbish which is conveniently lying around.

Once the inspection is complete we will place our discreet bird netting in place. The netting is ideal for larger areas and can be positioned so that it causes no disruption to the activities of the building. The netting is available in a variety of colours to match the architectural style of the building.

We will then add prevention spikes to window sills and ledges, which stop the birds landing without causing any harm. If you are looking for a discreet option, there are pin and wire systems or spring wire systems, which work well on some surfaces. Next, we will work around the area adding fire gel to key landing spots, which will repel the birds.

These techniques will discourage the pigeons from nesting on your roof and are an ideal prevention technique for the large warehouses and buildings across Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. We will make repeat visits to the site to ensure the techniques we have in place are working, and if the problem persists we will install new deterrents until you are free of pigeons.

If there are nests in place it is important not to attempt the removal yourself, as specialist licensing is required. If we do find any dead pigeons during our work, we will provide an efficient disposal service. Although shooting and trapping are eradication techniques, they will not provide ongoing prevention. Pigeons have a habit of coming back quickly to old territories, so we believe preventative methods are the most effective.

Pigeon sanitation

As soon as pigeons begin to congregate in an area it doesn’t take long for the excrement to build up. The droppings are not just a health risk, they are unsightly and will gradually erode brickwork and rooftops. Once our prevention work is complete we can arrange a pigeon sanitation service to bring your property back up to standard.

About us

We provide professional and reliable pigeon control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2, with a service that is effective yet affordable. Since we started in 2008 we have built a brilliant reputation for pigeon control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2 and the suburbs. We pride ourselves on supplying our clients with highly experienced pigeon pest control engineers, which are all trained in the best techniques. For your peace of mind, our staff are all fully insured, and we are able to offer a full guarantee on the majority of our jobs.


Our pigeon pest control clients are based across Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2 and the nearby areas. We are proud to have an ever-expanding list of diverse clients including everything from foreign government embassies to the homes of celebrities. Although, the majority of our clients are those involved in the property industry, such as landlords, estate agents, property management companies and housing associations. Whatever type of property you have, we can provide pigeon control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2.


If you are having trouble with pigeon pest control, you will be pleased to know that we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In emergency situations, we are able to offer a one-hour emergency response for pigeon control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. When you contact us, our trained team will be able to quickly arrange a convenient time to visit and engage our pigeon prevention techniques.

Our friendly team are always available to provide a free, instant pigeon pest control quote, with most work charged on a fixed price basis. To find a solution to your pigeon control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2, contact us today.

Pest Control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. Call Now 020 8166 9746

Pest Control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. Call Now 020 8166 9746

Pest Control in Moorgate, Liverpool Street, EC2. Call Now 020 8166 9746

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